The Secret Behind The Secret

October 3, 2017

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Reality is but an illusion. Your reality is subjective. As you think so shall you be.


Once you are aware of the depths of The Law Of Attraction and other laws that assist in your manifesting ability, you will hold the key to open the door to all of your desires which are awaiting the door to be opened.


Many feel that they need to continue to think constantly about what they want and then question why it is taking so long, or why they cannot manifest.


Contrary to popular belief, letting go is essential to speeding up the process.


This is what I call letting go and letting God. By focusing and consistently thinking about your desire you are actually pushing it away from you.


By letting go of the thought after asking and giving thanks for your blessing, you attract it to you faster. Everything is made up of energy including us as humans.


Once you learn to match our feeling energy to your thought energy you become better at manifesting.


You have the ability to influence the energy to be, do, or have all that you  desire. As I always say: Awareness is key!


Knowing how and why the Law Of Attraction works will make it simple for you to manifest in your life.


Here is a video courtesy of Bob Proctor explaining the significance and power of Beliefs.


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