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Loss And Its Hidden Truth.

Reading Time: 2 Minutes, 43 Seconds


Usually when facing a problem, struggle and pain will be felt.

The feeling of loss comes up and there are times we cannot get past these illusions of the mind.

Often, a perceived loss can be a gain if we perceive it that way.

Yet many times we are so busy focusing on the perceived loss to understand or even perceive the gain.

This boils down perspective.

You have the power to choose how you are going to look at a situation.

You have the power to create how a situation phases you or if it even phases you at all.

In saying that where you perceive loss may not be loss at all, but the shedding away of the old which does not benefit you anymore for you to rise to the new SELF that is being created by you in the present moment.

You create your new self through your thoughts and feelings.

What you think will naturally evoke a feeling, it is what you do with this feeling that turns it into emotion (energy n motion) at that time that energy in motion will attract back to you whatever you send it vibrationally.

If you perceive loss as a loss, you will suffer thinking you are losing out on something or not included in something.

However, if you see loss as beneficial and in turn as a gain to your life, growth and ascension, it no longer holds the power of pain over you.

You take your power back by not reacting or getting hurt over experiences.

You hold firm by feeling good in seeming bad times, peaceful in seeing turmoil, and abundant in seeming poverty.

The key here is to perceive loss in a new way which does not make you feel overwhelmed and/or not “in the loop”.

You have the opportunity to perceive it as a new opportunity or door opening for you. You can see it as a chance at being the grandest version of the highest vision you ever held of yourself.

By not allowing what you perceive as loss to hurt you, you take back your empower yourself and can now direct your power in a manner beneficial to you.

Think of what this perceived loss is here to teach you. How can you grow from it?

What are you becoming by accepting it as defeat by allowing it to hurt you?

Although one door seems to have closed, where might you be able to perceive the open one?

These are power questions you can ask yourself to find clarity in your seeming turmoil of mind.

In closing, loss does not have to be painful, or even perceived as a loss.

You have the power to control your feelings and the emotions (energy in motion) that you emit out to the universe.

It is that energy that will be sent back to you in like situations, things and experiences.

If you choose to focus on the open door or perceive a gain in the challenge of perceived loss, it is no longer a loss but a benefit and a more powerful you has the chance to emerge.

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