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Getting Out Of Your Own Way!

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We are all here on our own journey to our mission, purpose, and truth.

Naturally there are challenges which arise, and that will always be considering the contrast of life, that without one, there could not be another.

For example, you could not know cold if you do not know hot, you could not know up if you do not know down, you cannot know right without knowing left and you can’t know happiness without knowing about the opposite end which is sorrow and pain.

The good thing is that although both conditions need exists in the contrast of life, you do not have to feel or experience only one end of the spectrum.

You can turn your problems into potential, so they do not affect you negatively.

We have tendency, through sources such as the news to think negatively.

We have been programmed to see the negative side of things. This evokes negative feelings which we tend to spin out into negative emotion which is what we send to the universe and then wonder why our lives seem to be going downhill in negative alignment.

It has been the norm to instantly think negatively.

Take for example your boss saying they want to speak to you after work.

What will be your first hunch? For most, it will be that they are in trouble for something or have done something wrong. It is natural for our minds to search for the negative in all situations.

However, once you deliberately choose to see the situation in a different light as spoken about above, to see the situation from the other end of the negative contrast.

In the sake of the boss wanting to talk to you, you could choose to not let negativity creep in your mind, but to think positive such as, “I must have done something well to be acknowledged, or “They must want to thank me for my good hard work”.

This type of attitude takes effort and deliberate thought, but it is attainable.

Once you learn how to get out of your own way with all the negative that tends to flood into your mind through all different avenues, you open a new way/opportunity for things to flow smoothly and positively.

By choosing to deliberately think in a positive way and perceive situations as such, you claim your power in life and leave the stress behind.

The frustration and confusion can be experiences of the past. The new aware you now knows how to turn your negative to positive and problems into potential.

It all depends on your perspective and choices along the way.

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