How To Overcome Your Fear.

Reading Time: 3 Minutes, 15 Seconds


When facing fear, you have a few options, yet for the sake of this article I will only be using two different perspectives, whereas there are many that can plug the acronym.

F.E.A.R = Face Everything And Run


F.E.A.R = Face Everything And Rise.

It is all in how you perceive fear and its purpose. You can view it as something which holds you back from growing into your highest self or you can take it as an opportunity to grow in your power in the present moment depending on how you choose to deal with what is bringing on the fear you are facing.

Example: You have a new job interview and fear that you will screw it up and not get the position you so desperately want.

Your Options

You have two options. First, You can run away and never know if you were good enough for the job and be left questioning. Or you can rise in the event of the fear trying to hold you back, know that you cannot fail, have faith in yourself and move forward to be the best you can at the interview.

If you do happen to move forward and you happen not to get the job, instead of a reaction like I knew it” try something like “ This door was not open for me because God has another one open for me.” Then think of other options which may be better for you that you may not have considered before.