How to Overcome Challenges.

April 2, 2019

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You knew your destiny in this physical realm before you existed in this physical.


In fact, you chose it before you got here. Placing all experiences just as they are so you could grow and expand into the Being you set forth and come here to grow into and Be.


Now you may be wondering WTF?


If I chose this way of life for myself how in the heck did it become so challenging, or what about all of the negative showing up in my life?


These are very relevant and excellent questions.


The answer is you pre-planned it all. You may not remember this as it is the purpose of being here, to remember that is to (Re-Member) your true self.


To return to the truth which we all forgot when we entered this physical realm.


Your true self which is made of the same stuff as the Universe is yearning for you to uncover your truth and step into your Power and live out your mission for being here.



Overcome the challenges of life and dig deeper into your Truth with your Free Self -Discovery Toolkit



Lets take a look at the challenges and how they can exist if you planned this physical experience before you got here.


The challenges are what gives you the opportunity at growth and expansion which is p