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How To Detach Yourself When Using The Law Of Attraction.

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When using the law of attraction to manifest there are steps involved in the process.

You need to first ask for what you want. Then believe you are in your divine right to receive it.

Once you have asked for what you want and have 100% faith that it is yours by divine right, it is known that the next step is to detach from your desire to let it flow to you with ease.

The misunderstanding and challenge that many people face when manifesting is the part where you have to detach from the outcome of the thing you are seeking so it can flow to you.

All this means is to act as if you already have your desire.

Detaching yourself from your desire is to step out of the lack consciousness and step into faith consciousness.

This may seem sound to read but It is hard to detach from something you want so much.

Especially when there is lingering clutter in your thoughts such as limiting beliefs that continue to hold you back by having you focus on seeming failures from the past.

By staying in the “wanting” energy you are telling the universe that you do not have, therefore coming from a lack consciousness or a poverty consciousness if you will.

This tells the universe to give you more to feel lack over and will keep you wanting and seeking but never attaining.

By Detaching and feeling as if you already have your desire, you align with faith.

Since the Universe matches the energy you are emitting, by acting as if you already have your desire you are coming from faith and the Universe will give you more to be faithful about.

The universe matches the energy you are putting out when you ask for something, even after.

Therefore, by taking the first two steps, by asking and knowing your desire is coming to you and is yours by divine right, you are letting the universe know what you want and that you have faith in your desire.

It is in your next step of detaching from the want for the desire, that you align with the frequencies and vibrations of the desire itself.

To do this ask yourself what it would feel like to have what you desire. Happy? Excited? Accomplished?

By matching the feelings with already having your desire, you energetically align with your desire.

This in turn adds momentum to your manifestation and speeds up the process of it manifesting in your life.

Detaching is not difficult when understood correctly.

In fact, the statement above goes for almost anything in life.

When equipped with the right awareness and when that awareness is understood and implemented correctly, you can become the co-creator of your life and manifest the life you desire and deserve without the added frustration and stress.

Check out Learning the Law Of Attraction: Putting Your Power To Work to learn more about the law of attraction and how to use it to your advantage in life.

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