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Co-Creation Through Vibration

Ever wonder why your life is the way it is?

Or how you got to where you are now?

When reflecting on your life you may not be happy and on the other hand you may be happy with your decisions and choices.

Either way the answer to both questions above is you created your life the way it is… Good or bad, happy or sad, you created it all.

Yes it may appear that circumstances were inevitable yet all of it was created by you.

We are the co-creators of our lives. We attract to us what we vibrate and radiate.

And what is it that we vibrate and radiate? We vibrate and radiate thoughts and emotions.

Thoughts and emotions are energy and they vibrate at a certain frequency. It is this frequency that the Universe matches when manifesting into your reality.

So if you are mad and sending out signals of negative energy, the Universe will give you more to be mad about, it simply is matching your vibration of anger.

Ever had a day where it seemed like nothing went right? If so, do you remember what mood you were in? what vibration you were giving out? Most likely it was a mood of frustration, stress, or anger, etc

It was your emotional state (the vibration) you were sending out that got you to experience the situations you did at the time of your negative mood.

This goes for if you are happy and in a good mood as well. You may have noticed a time when you were very happy and all was aligned perfectly for you. This is because you attracted more things to make you feel the good happy vibration you were giving out.

As you may or may not already know in the universe “like attracts like”. As you think so will you be.

This seems simple yet is very powerful knowledge and can be used to your benefit.

You create according to what you are being at the time of your doing. It is the beingness that counts. How you are feeling is how you are being. Once you learn to control your state of being (your feelings which is the vibration you send out) you can control the way your life plays out.

Once you are aware of this knowledge you can start to deliberately create your life as you choose fit.

To learn more about manifesting check out Learning The Law Of Attraction where you will learn how to align and co-create what you want in your life.


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