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The Secret To Overcome Suffering Revealed

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Everyone struggles. Everyone has their challenges that they go through and how they handle them is totally up to the individual.

However, it is common for life to feel overwhelmed with challenges which leads to the feeling of possible oppression or suffering.

We all have most likely experienced some kind of challenge that has led to struggle. For those who have gotten through the struggle, I am sure there was a valuable lesson that could be perceived if it is thought about in the right way.

Your attitude contributes to much of your experience and how you handle and cope. Your attitude is a great thing to keep positive and in an empowered alignment.

However, there is an awareness that you could gain that could change how you perceive and hence experience what is known as suffering.

There is an awareness at the core of that which you are. It is beyond body and mind. This awareness simply IS. It does not suffer or struggle as those are concepts of the mind.

When you are able to go beyond the mind, you will find that concepts such as struggle, and suffering tend to disappear.

Once you can be aware of the illusion of the mind and seek beyond it to the Awareness beyond it all, life begins to be seen through a new “lens”.

You will start to notice that the way you once reacted to seeming struggle and suffering in the past will no longer be how you choose to respond to situations that could be perceived in the same way.

This is the beginning of being able to overcome the seeming suffering and struggle brought on by the mind’s illusion.

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