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Tap  Into The Power Of Your Mind


      Toolkit Contents:

  • My Mind Garden Tool

  • Flush Out False Beliefs Tool

  • The Art Of Being NICE

  • Proving The Power Of Your Mind

  • Fun With The Mind

  •  2 Bonus Complimentary “Mind Power” Email Sessions

My Mind Garden Tool: 

Positivity, faith, gratitude etc. are the energies you want to hold in your realm when planting into your mind garden. Whatever you can believe, you can achieve, the key is to plant only positive, power seed thoughts in your mind garden and work at nourishing them properly. This tool is designed to assist you with re-aligning your mind so you can begin to live the life of your choosing, stress-free.  

Flush Out False Beliefs Tool: 

This tool is designed to help you flip any negative beliefs that you are holding within to a more positive way of perceiving them, so they do not strip you of your power.

The Art Of Being NICE:

Tapping in to the Power Of Mind is a smoother journey once you have techniques and methods that you can apply to stay positive and in your power when negativity tries to creep into your mind. The “Art Of Being Nice Tool” is one method used for keeping yourself in positive alignment whenever negativity tries to hold you down through your thought patterns.

Proving The Power Of Your Mind: 

This tool is designed to prove to you the power of your mind so you can get the most out of the “Tapping Into The Power Of Mind Toolkit”. Once you prove to yourself the power of your mind, you will no longer perceive life the same. 

Fun With The Mind: 

We hold ourselves back from tapping into our mind power by not thinking big enough. This ties into false beliefs which hold you back, yet the scope of the “Fun With The Mind Tool” is for you to have some fun with your mind Think big when answering the questions. What do you have to lose? This tool is designed to allow you to play with the power of choice and thinking big.

"Mind Power" Email Bonus Sessions: 

These sessions will go deeper into your journey of tapping into your mind power as well as answer any questions you may need clarification on to feel more fulfillment along your journey.  


Mental Frustration Toolkit.jpg

Free Yourself From Mental Frustration


Toolkit Contents:

  • Overcome Feeling Overwhelmed Tool

  • Put An End To Procrastination Tool

  • Stop Negativity Tool

Overcome Feeling Overwhelmed Tool: 

This tool will help you to focus on what is important, offer you clarity, and guide you to an action you can take in the right direction to your goal without the mind clutter and overwhelming feeling which comes with dealing with too much at once.

Put An End To Procrastination Tool:

This tool will help you stay out of the “procrastination rut” and help you break down your thought process to be able to notice the root behind the reason for your procrastination. This will help you to move forward in clarity to start achieving your goals to make your dreams reality.

Stop Negativity Tool: 

When you can observe your thoughts and deliberately create more empowering ones when sensing negative thoughts creeping in, you have won more than half the battle. You have the choice to perceive any negativity in your life as a positive – a reason to grow and expand to who you choose to be in the moment you face negativity. You have the power of choice to stand in your power and not let negativity affect you. This tool is designed to help you do just that.

Getting To Know God.jpg

Getting To Know God Toolkit

Toolkit Contents:

  • Connecting With Your Hearts Language Tool   

  • My Super Self Tool

  • Energy Observation Tool

  • Understanding Self

  • Daily Gratitude Journal

  • 2 Bonus Complimentary “God Clarity” Email Sessions

Connecting With Your Heart's Language Tool:

It is essential to be as stress free as possible when getting to know God. The more stress you feel the further you are from God. The “Connecting With Your Heart Language” tool is designed to help you listen to your heart’s voice which is your intuition and God trying to reach out to you with messages from your heart.


My Super Self Tool: 

This tool is designed to help you stay positive and remind you of just how wonderful you are!  The key to life is balance and the key to knowing God is also balance. Although negativity will show up in your life since that is how the contrast of life works, once you can keep yourself in a positive energy zone where you feel good, you will always be closer to God.

Energy Observation Tool:

You can become aware of God’s presence through your thoughts and feelings. The happier and more positive your thoughts and feelings are, the closer you are to Source/God. This tool is designed to asst you in being the observer of your energy and help you to re-align yourself with positivity when negativity tries to fool you with illusions. 

Understanding Self: 

This tool is designed to help you get a better understanding of where you stand with knowing God. When you know where you are you can be aware of where you are going. In this case a better understanding of God and eventually even communicating and being a co-creator of life with Him.

Daily Gratitude Journal:  

When it comes to energy, one of the highest most positive energies you can align with is Gratitude. When you are in the feeling of gratitude you are closer to God and you will continue to attract positive things that you are grateful for into your life. This is where your “Daily Gratitude Journal” will be beneficial. It is designed to help you keep in mind what you are grateful for and the good that is going on in your life. This helps you stay in a grateful and positive alignment where you are in your Power.

"God Clarity" Bonus Email Sessions: 

These sessions will go deeper into your getting to know God journey. They are here to assist you in getting the most out of your Getting To Know God toolkit. 

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