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Change, Determination, and Drive.

There is going to be challenges, but the way you handle them is what determines your success.

You have the Power of Choice. The rough times in life need not have a huge negative impact on you if you do not allow them to.

What is your will to carry on? What purpose is behind your drive?

A strong mentality and determination will get you far. If you fall, how will you get up?

Will you accept failure or will you rise up and see the word fail as First Attempt In Learning?

You have the power of perception. Which ever way you choose to observe the world is how your reality will play out.

Question be if you will co-create negative or positive experiences for yourself.

The Power is within you. It always has been and always will be.

The key is to tap into your Power to create the life of your dreams, even though you may feel hopeless through the challenges.

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