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To Be Or Not To Be?


That is the question!

In life we have come to believe that in order to be something such as happy, we have to do something which will then lead us to having what we want.

But what if we had it all backwards? What if we could simply choose to be.

Be Happy, Be Positive, Be Wealthy, Be Confident, Be Awesome etc…

We have let the Paradigm turn into “Do – Have – Be” When it should be “Be – Do – Have”

You reap the rewards of life when you are in the right state of “being” when you are doing what you are doing. The being part is what counts. Since everything is energy we can align ourselves with perfect circumstances and outcomes.

Since we are the co-creators of our lives we can be, do , or have anything we want. However, some continue to struggle to be happy, or be confident in life, or be bold, etc.

It is not the circumstance to make us or break us, it is how we deal with it and align with it. Once you are happy when doing what you are doing, You are guaranteed happiness in the future. Since you are aligned with happiness, the Universe will give you back circumstances to be happy for as that is what matches the signals you are sending out.

Since the Universe is a mirror of your true self, whatever you are feeling, is what will be reflected back to you. So, if you start your day grumpy when you go to work, or frustrated when you are driving in rush hour traffic, you are activating a signal which tells the Universe to give you more of what you are sending out. In this case negativity.

You get back exactly what you give out. The struggle you may feel is you resisting what you are doing or having. Once you choose to be happy when at work, or joyful while driving in rush hour, nothing can take your power.

However once you get upset or frustrated or have any negative feelings at all, you are giving your power to circumstance. You keep your power by deliberately choosing to BE positive, happy, confident etc., as you do what you do. Once you begin with what you are “being”, the rest will fall into place.

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