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Sin Is Not Transgression Against God.

Sin is not transgression against God or law in the sense of the violation of a moral code. Nor is punishment a vengeance enacted by society or God upon the transgressor. Sin is simply error and punishment the inevitable result of error. If you are looking for a friends house and you turn down the wrong street, you cannot expect to find your friend’s house on that street. You have turned down the wrong street; consequently you will not find his house. Cause and effect. A law. That is all. So it is with evil, which is error. That which you think, good or evil, will inevitably develop in your experience. If it is evil it is error, and if it is error, the effect upon you must be evil. When you know God is perfect, you will understand that God cannot err, and since evil is only error, God could not possibly be responsible for it. So evil is error and is illusion and is created by man in his search for truth.

~U.S. Anderson~

Extracted From: Three Magic Words.

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