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Does the Law of Attraction Actually Work?

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When thinking about the Law of Attraction, think in terms of energy.

Everything in this Universe is made up of energy. More specifically, vibrations and frequencies.

You and I are included in this energy. In fact, we are energetically connected to the Universe to begin with.

With this awareness, it is simple to have the law of attraction produce results for you since you will be using your energy to make it work.

The Four Main Atoms In The Body and The Universe.

The four main chemically active atoms in the Universe are Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Carbon.

The four top chemically active atoms in our bodies and lives are: Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Carbon.

In saying that. The Law Of Attraction does guarantee results, however, what result is up to the individual practicing and working with the law.

Key To Manifesting

The key is to match your energy with the desire you are trying to manifest.

The easiest way to do this is to think of how it would feel to have your desire in the present moment.

It is this feeling which is the energy that you turn into emotion which is energy in motion, and it is this energy in motion that is sent to the Universe and the universe then matches it to give you want you are trying to manifest.

The Reason For Getting The Wrong Results

The Law of Attraction never goes wrong. It does guarantee results, but not necessarily the results you are seeking.

There are factors, energies, that will not reap the results you think you are attracting. These include fear, doubt, worry, resistance, false beliefs etc.

For example, If you are trying to manifest more money and are coming from a consciousness of lack and poverty, you are telling the universe “I don’t have” therefore you will manifest more lack and continue to see the cycle of poverty.

However, if you come from an energy of appreciation as If you already have the money and feel abundance, that will be the energy emotion (energy in motion) you are emitting to the Universe, and you will get things in return to match your feeling of abundance and to keep you feeling grateful.


With the Law Of Attraction, the Universe matches the energy behind your desire, not the desire itself.

This is why, some people try to manifest but find they get less than successful results, not realizing that they are attracting to them those things, by the rooted energy they are putting out when asking for their desire from the universe.

It is all about matching the energy you are emitting behind the request.

You want to come from high vibrations such as gratitude, love, abundance, faith etc.

This way you will continue to attract into your life things and circumstances to match those positive vibrations.

If you come from vibrations such as lack, doubt fear, you will still be using the law of attraction and it will still work for you, it will do as it does and attract to you that which you are “BEING” energetically.

Which simply means the way you are truly feeling at the time of asking for your desire.

Check out Learning the Law Of Attraction to take advantage of this universal power in your life.

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