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Alignment... What Does It Mean?

Reading Time: 3 Minutes, 53 Seconds


To be aligned means to be on the same energy vibrations and frequencies as your desires.

By doing so you attract your desires to you.

Your feelings play a key role in your alignment.

That which you feel is what the Universe picks up on and then sends back to you, energy of like matter.

Lets take a look at two scenarios. Well technically one scenario played out two different ways.

Lets say you desire to have a positive day and the following happens:

Scenario 1:

You get up out of bed and instantly stub your toe.

You feel frustrated but you continue to go to the washroom to brush your teeth and do your morning routine.

As you are going to brush your teeth your toothpaste falls off your brush onto your shirt.

You are now becoming even more agitated yet continue on with your morning routine.

Now more agitated, you get dressed and head down to morning breakfast. At mooring breakfast, you happen to spill tea on your pants.

By this time, you are almost fuming… You think to yourself “What else could possibly go wrong? `

As you get into your car and go to back out of your driveway, you hear a noise come form behind your car, at this point you get out to notice that you ran over your son’s bike.

This has set you over the edge, so you turn around, and out of frustration kick your car which leaves a dent. Now I could go on forever, but I think you get the gist of the story.

It seems like your luck in scenario 1 was not all the best. If you noticed, each time something happened that seemed to go wrong, you would get upset and each time something happened you would get even more upset, until you were outright fuming.

This feeling of elevated frustration and anger caused the rest of the seeming negative events to happen.

By responding to stubbing your toe in a negative way, you opened yourself up for more negative energy to flow to you, hence causing the ripple effect of negative occurrences to follow.

Even though it hurt, you have the power and the choice as to if you let it affect you or not. Will you scream out and let it get you in a bad mood?

Or will you bare the pain for the few minutes and move on with a happy attitude?

Lets take a look at...

Scenario 2:

Same scenario but instead of getting frustrated when you stub your toe, you shout out for a moment in pain, but do not let it affect your attitude.

So you continue on to your bathroom routine.

In the washroom the toothpaste still falls on you, but you wipe it off and keep your happy feeling that it will be a great day.

You head down for morning breakfast and this time instead of everything seeming to go wrong, things align more beneficially for you.

No tea spilled on your pants, and you had a smooth trip out of the driveway.

Since you stayed positive and in alignment with happiness this time around in scenario 2, you aligned a different outcome than in scenario 1 where you were very upset and frustrated at the start of the day’s occurrences.

In scenario 1 the frustration and anger lead to more things to be frustrated and angry about since frustration and anger were the energy (vibration and frequencies) you were emitting.

However in scenario 2 where you aligned yourself with positivity and happiness, you got a different outcome making you feel more positive and happy about the days occurrences.

Although you were aligned in both scenario 1 and scenario 2. You were aligned in each scenario differently.

Scenario 1 you were aligned with low energy and vibrations of frustration and anger. Since the Universe gives you what you are “being”, since you are “being” frustrated and angry, that is what you are aligning with and will have attract back into your life.

Whereas with scenario 2 you were aligned with positivity and happiness. And with your deliberate feeling of it going to be a great day, you made it so you would feel good and goodness would flow to you. Hence no tea spill or run over bike as in scenario 1..

This is what is means to be aligned. It is all about the background feeling you are having while you are experiencing your reality.

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