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Visualization without focusing on the specifics

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The specifics are not the significant key when visualizing for manifestation. They will play a part in the manifestation itself, however, putting extra attention and focus on the specifics in a visualization will distract you and stall the process.

Focusing on the things which will not benefit you will simply hinder the manifestation process.

The specifics will not benefit you in the visualization stage because they will fall into place once the momentum of manifestation is sped up.

The key to manifestation is the energy you have when asking or focusing on your desire.

You want to focus on the feeling of having your desire already. The when, how, where etc. will fall into place once you align yourself with the vibrations and frequencies that your desire is on.

You align yourself with the vibrations and frequencies of your desire by feeling how it would feel to already have your desire.

Let’s say you desire a beach house on the water front with beautiful white sand.

Your next goal is to think how it would feel to have that beach house. What does it look like inside?

Is the sun shining through the windows? If so what does it feel like on your face?

What smells do you get?

Is the breeze blowing on your face?

How does the experience feel?

When visualizing, you want to focus on the feeling. The feeling backing your realm is key to manifestation through visualization.

The more real you feel your desire is in the present moment, the more you speed up the momentum of your desire to be manifested.

Just a reminder, you can manifest anything you want from a castle to a pen.

You need to have the utmost faith in your ability to manifest, no matter what you are manifesting. Your belief system also plays a role in the whole process.

No matter how much you visualize, meditate, or any other method to enhance your manifestation efforts, if you have false beliefs cluttering your mind, these false beliefs will stop the manifestation process.

An example of this would be if you are trying to manifest one million dollars, yet have a belief telling you that this is impossible and that you could never do it.

This thought belief is energy, also frequency, and vibration. The energy of doubt backing the false belief is what the universe will pick up on. Not the want itself.

Since the energy of doubt is what you are making your main feeling as you are asking for the million dollars, it is this dominant feeling that will attract back more things in your life to be doubtful about.

With visualization, the key is to be laser-focused on the end result (having your desire) and the feeling it will bring.

It is then this positive, happy, and excited energy of having your desire that will be the dominant feeling (s) (vibrations and frequencies) that you are emitting, hence returning to you more things to be happy, excited, and positive for.

Check out Learning The Law Of Attraction for more tips on manifesting and creating your reality.

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