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Tolerations: What are you putting Up with that is bringing you Down.

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Although there will be challenges which arise in life, there are those which do not need to be in your life.

Some are brought on deliberately and others by default.

Those brought on by default are often brought on subconsciously through possible feelings of wanting to be a good person in determent to your own energy or feeling in debt to someone.

There are many things and people in life that you are tolerating that are causing you unnecessary feelings such as stress, confusion, unhappiness, discontent, and frustration.

It is these tolerations which eat at your energy and hold you back from your happiness and clarity, and from living your life free of stress.

With all the chaos of the mind, it is often difficult to address all the tolerations that are being dealt with daily.

Have you ever felt pulled in what felt like ten different directions? If so, how did it feel?

Probably frustrating, maybe overwhelming? Possibly it was very stressful, and you may have felt overcome by doing so much for others that you forgot about yourself.

Maybe you are still experiencing this stress and confusion in your life.

When you load your plate of life experience with a lot of confusion and clutter, eventually you end up on the back burner feeling frustrated, overlooked, undervalued, and all the negative feelings and energy that come along with it.

Until you take the time to become aware of all the tolerations you are actually putting up with, it may surprise you to see that you have been neglecting yourself and overlooking your need to be there for yourself as well.

When is the last time you put aside your daily routine or the needs of others and celebrated yourself?

When have you set aside your tolerations and took some time out to pamper yourself?

If you feel overwhelmed, frustrated or stressed in any way, begin by analyzing your tolerations.

Chances are you are putting up with more than you think.

By tolerating and coping with too much you create resistance in your energy realm and are not benefiting yourself.

This resistant energy forms into the negative feelings that putting up with too much tolerance bring on.

The key is to release yourself and your energy from being pulled in many different directions, especially if those directions are of no benefit to you.

There is no need to keep extra tolerations in your life as extra baggage. You have the power to set yourself free from the stress, frustration and all other negative energy forms that putting up with too many or negative tolerations creates. Cut them out of your life today.

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