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Easy 3 Step Process for Manifestation

Reading Time: 2 Minutes, 45 Seconds


If you are having difficulty when trying to manifest in your life, chances are you are not asking properly.

When asking for your desire you have to be on the same energy level in vibration and frequency that your desire is on.

You also want to make sure you have uprooted and replaced any thoughts and false beliefs that are holding you back from your success in achieving your goal.

A Basic 3-Step Process for Manifesting Anything That You Want is as follows:

Step 1: Know deeply what you want and focus on what you want as opposed to what you do not want.

When you know what you want deep down inside that you can feel or even create a positive burning desire for it, it helps to speed up the momentum of the thing you are trying to manifest.

When you continually focus on what you don’t want in contrast to what you want, what you don’t want is what you will begin to give momentum to in your thoughts and it will manifest more of what you don’t want in your life. The same goes for what you want.

Therefore, it is important to focus on what you want in a positive and affirmative manner.

Step 2: Eliminate any false beliefs and thoughts that are keeping you held down and keep you distant from your dreams.

When visualizing your desire from the first step you will most likely notice a whole bunch of random thoughts coming to the surface as you focus on your desire.

For example, you could be working on manifesting more money. Let’s say a million dollars to be exact. The more specific and detailed you are with the vision of your desire the better.

While you are envisioning having the million dollars let’s say you have thoughts come up such as “That is never going to happen”. “This is outrageous!”. “How ridiculous!”

These thoughts are known as the thoughts and beliefs which are holding you back from your goal of manifesting your desire.

It is these false beliefs that keep playing over and over in your thought process that you have to work on eliminating and replacing with thoughts and beliefs more beneficial to you.

Step 3: Align with the feeling of your desire.

Now that you have focused on what you want, uncovered unhealthy thoughts and false beliefs which once held you back, and eliminated them and replaced them with better more beneficial thoughts and beliefs you now have to align yourself with the feeling of the desire you are trying to manifest.

This is one of the most important steps in the process. Without the right alignment, even if you have steps 1 and 2 completed, you will have difficulty manifesting your desire.

To align with your desire ask yourself questions such as: How will having my desire make me feel? What is the end feeling this goal will bring me? How will this change my life for the better?

The key here is to feel your way to the alignment with your desire. Feel how it would feel to already have your desire in the present moment. This is how you align your energy to speed up the momentum of your manifestations.

To learn more about manifestation and how to align with what you want to have it appear in your reality, check out Learning The Law Of Attraction: Putting Your Power To Work.

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