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Flipping Failure For A Better Outlook Towards Success

Reading Time: 1 Minute, 35 Seconds


Maybe you haven’t forgiven yourself for a failure you perceived and accepted as your own in the past.

One way or another, failure is something that impacts the thought patterns of many people.

The thought of failure is non beneficial to you. It brings up feelings such as low self-esteem, doubt, frustration, sometimes anger, and many more negative emotions that do not serve your highest good.

Below is a process for perceiving failure in a new way and flipping it for a better outlook toward success.

First, ask yourself - “Do I feel like a failure?”

Then ask yourself - “Does feeling like a failure mean that I am a failure?”

Now answer the following questions to complete the process.

Can I learn without failing?

Does failing at something I do make me a failure?

Did I try and fail?

If you have tried and failed (the outcome was not what you expected), does that mean:

You’re a failure as a person?


You have tried and not succeeded at something?

Isn’t failure someone who never tries?

Aren’t you a Hero because you tried?

If you answered the questions above, Congratulations!

You now have a clearer perspective on failure and hopefully, do not feel that you are one.

When it comes to failure you are the only one that can get yourself down and keep yourself there in believing that you are a failure.

You can never be a failure if you try. By trying you give yourself a chance at a learning experience that will add to your growth and expansion in this physical life experience.

If you still feel like a failure, try coming from a different perspective. Sometimes to see things clearly is to look at them from a different angle.

For a more positive outlook on life check out my FREE BOOK What It Takes To Make It which guides you through the chaos of the mind to help you feel more peace and positivity in your life.

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