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How To Prevent A Negative Visualization From Manifesting With The Law Of Attraction

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With the Law Of Attraction, you attract to you that which you are.

In saying that, that which you are is the energy which you are emitting.

This energy you are emitting is produced by the thoughts and feelings you allow to be consumed by.

If you are in a positive alignment with your energy and of 100% faith, you are well on your way to being a successful co-creator in your life.

Whatever thoughts you dwell on will eventually start becoming your reality. Where attention goes, energy flows.

You give energy and power to whatever you focus on. And it is this focus that adds momentum to your desire to be manifested in your reality.

This goes for both good and bad, positive and negative.

It is with this awareness that the answer to how to prevent a negative visualization from happening comes from.

If you do not want to manifest something negative, simply refocus your energy on a new thought(s).

Whatever you put your habitual attention to is what you will make real for you.

Therefore, focusing and stressing over something negative, will only eventually bring it into your reality.

Now this won’t be an instantaneous manifestation, but with enough attention given and momentum of thought towards the negative idea, it will eventually become a reality.

The good thing about Manifestation is that you have a buffer time. What you think about will not automatically manifest.

However, give that thought enough attention and momentum and it will manifest.

Therefore, if you want to reverse a negative visualization from manifesting simply replace the thought process with something more beneficial to you.

This will re-align you with the positive rather than the negative visualization you are trying not to manifest.

With enough attention and focus on the positive thought, it will do the same as if it was negative and manifest whatever you are giving attention to, so by refocusing your attention and energy on the positive you block the negative visualization from happening.

The key is to change your frequency and vibrational alignment and switch it to something positive every time you catch yourself dwelling on or, visualizing something negative.

This aligns you with positivity to flow into your life rather than the negativity you worry over or stress about, which will only attract more to worry over and stress about into your life.

To learn more about alignment check out Learning The Law of Attraction: Putting Your Power To Work.

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