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4 Commonly Asked Law Of Attraction Questions & Answers.

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When it comes to working with the law of attraction to manifest your desires, it is essential to know the basics. The following are 4 of the most commonly asked questions regarding the law of attraction and how it works.

Q: How can I make sure that I am always attracting what I want?

A: By keeping an optimistic attitude and being determined to succeed in all aspects of your life, you will keep the Law of Attraction working for you and not against you.

You must also shed limiting beliefs, which we will cover during our sessions together. The Law of Attraction is always working in your life, despite whether you want it to or not. So, making it work to your benefit is very important, especially when you have the power to do so.

Q: What is vibrational energy?

A: Vibrational energy is your aura. It is what makes up your emotions, intentions and thoughts. The frequency of your vibrational energy depends on your mood and what you want.

Your vibrational energy acts as a signal to the universe. As your energy gives off this signal, the universe interprets it to bring you more of the same thoughts and moods you are experiencing. Think of vibrational energy as your communication line for ordering the experiences you desire.

Q: What does it mean to align yourself with what you want?

A: This is all about feeling as if you already have the thing you want. Getting into alignment typically involves lots of practice, meditation techniques and daily affirmations to bring your subconscious mind into alignment with what you want.

Experiencing the feelings associated with happiness and everything you want will align you with those things. The more you feel as if you have already received what you want, the easier it will be to have.

Q: Will negative thoughts or feelings toward my goal ruin my progress?

A: Negativity is the archenemy when it comes to attracting anything. You really must avoid complaining verbally or mentally, feeling ungrateful, and having a pessimistic attitude about things.

You'll learn how to do this during sessions. It's not always possible to stay in a positive upbeat mood, but you should always try your best. If you allow negativity to be a part of your daily life however, it probably will slow you down.

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