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Getting Out Of The Ego (Edging God Out) Trap.

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The ego has made us as humanity feel as if we are it. And it had made us believe that we cannot live without it.

When something goes wrong, it sometimes feels like the end of the world, but that is just the ego having you perceive the situation that way.

When you come from your Divinity, you are in deeper alignment with Source or God if you will.

When you are in this Divine alignment, what once seemed like the world crumbling around you, will start to look like things are actually falling into place for your growth and expansion.

The ego (edging God out) comes from a place of separateness, a place of duality. This alignment brings feelings such as loneliness, frustration, fear, anger, etc.

However, when you align with God, your True Divine essence those negative feelings cannot exist.

The ego frequency and the Divine God frequency are on two different wavelengths. Just as with the radio; if you want to hear the news you can switch it to 680 am, now suppose you want to hear some music. In that case, you would have to switch frequencies over to another channel such as 98.5 fm.

The same goes for the ego and God frequencies. If you want to feel empowered, the next time you have to make a decision ask yourself if you are coming from ego (edging God out) or if you are coming from your Divine Essence.

When you feel like life is spiraling out of control, you are in an ego trap.

Your belief in God is not deep enough to provide you with the faith to know that your world is not necessarily falling apart and that God may have a larger vision for you that you do not know yet.

Without that faith the ego loves to have you believe in the worst, hence leaving you feeling badly.

You can tell by the way you feel. The more you come from ego, the less good you will feel.

Even though something may feel good for a moment, deep down you know it may not be true for you or feel so good after all.

If you are coming from your Divine essence, you will not have the problem of questioning if you did the right thing.

That deep feeling of empowerment will let you know that you are working with your inner Power and coming from your divine essence.

The next time you have a situation to respond to ask yourself “Am I coming from ego in the way I am perceiving this?” or, “Am I coming from my Divine Essence in the way I am perceiving this situation?”

The choice is yours either way.

One way of perception will bring on negative feelings such as a false sense of confidence, anxiety, confusion, and frustration and the other will bring on positive feelings such as God's confidence, empowerment, clarity, and knowing.

Which will you choose?

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