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Understanding Mind Over Matter.

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We have all heard the saying "mind over matter", but what does that really mean?

It means that we are powerful and have the power of mind to do incredible things.

All matter begins in the mind, and all that is manifest first comes from consciousness. This is where mind over matter comes into play.

Once you are aware of how to tap into the facilities of your mind to co-create your life, you will be well on your way to doing, having, and being all that you desire.

Let’s dive deeper into the topic.

Everything is made up of energy.

Your thoughts are energy and have an influence on energy all around you.

Naturally, if you think negative thoughts you will feel bad, and if you think positive thoughts, you will feel good.

The reason for that is the energy you are in vibrational harmony with.

If you are feeling low negative energy chances are you will continue to see things popping up in your life to add to your feeling of low negative energy.

The same goes for when you are thinking and feeling positive, you will notice that things keep working out for you to be positive for.

A great example that demonstrates this truth is with water. When you send negative energy to water, its cells look different than when you send it positive energy.

Since our bodies consist of majority water, this goes to prove that life is in fact mind over matter and if you find your life is not the way you like it, you have the power to change it through your thoughts and feelings.

This is how mind over matter plays a huge part in your life. How will you choose to use your mind now that you are aware of its power?

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