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8 Tips To Achieve Spiritual Success



Tip 1 - Make a Commitment

Make a commitment and a concentrated effort to reduce the people, places, and things that drain your energy or entrap you in negative moods. Stay balanced and connected to your essence by filtering what you see, hear and feel from your surroundings.

Tip 2 – Make someone happy every day

Life can be difficult, that is certain. Helping to make someone else's day a little better or easier will always help to brighten your day and feed your soul. Lifting people's spirits can be as simple as a generous show of gratitude, offering encouragement to someone in need and so on.

Tip 3 - Know Your Spiritual Personality

To begin to understand your spiritual personality, write a list of the activities that bring you a sense of peace, connection, or joy. Look for themes in your answers and find a practice that is similar. Then, find the best spiritual practice that works for you.

Tip 4 - Pick a Daily Practice

Pick a simple activity that helps you to restore your calmness and interrupt the cycles of stress, distraction etc. in our daily life. It should be done at least once daily. For example, a five-minute breathing exercise, prayers in the morning and meditation are all examples of simple and effective ways to reconnect and align with what matters most.

Tip 5 - Pick a Weekly Practice

Your weekly practice should be much longer than your daily practice and typically could involve a group to help shape your context, keep your focus, and provide feedback. Meditation groups, yoga, tai chi, singing in a choir, a contemplative walk in nature, or volunteering at the hospital could all be examples of a weekly practice.

Tip 6 - Be a Sensible Seeker

When looking for study material on this subject, be a conscious consumer. It's important to look for credentials, make sure it feels like a fit, and to look deeper than what the surface material is telling you. Be sure the material aligns with you and your essence.

Tip 7 - Find a Teacher

It may be hard to find a good help but not having a teacher or a trusted guide of some kind can lead to disaster or misdirection. Try to incorporate a teacher, mentor or guide in your life, at least on an occasional basis.

Tip 8 - Find Your Fellows

Keep the company of like-minded and similarly aligned people, and your goal will be easier to achieve. Spiritual growth is assisted by community, support, and the momentum of others headed in the same direction. Alignment is key!

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