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Are You Benefiting From Your Non Physical Faculties?


In today's society, many things have changed drastically from the past!

Not long ago when you were in class and not paying attention you were known to have a good imagination etc.

Nowadays this way of being open with your mind is classified as a problem. Then they name the problems things like ADHD/ADD etc. We are no longer free to be creative and open-minded. If we do, we are told something is wrong with us.

When the children are in school, if they do not pay attention to the teacher or do what they say, your child is marked as a disturbing element and has a made-up problem thrown at them. They then are told they need meds for the rest of their time.

What a crock! We are programmed to only live from our 5 physical senses smell, taste, touch, hearing, and feel that we forget to use the faculties which will lead us to non-physical.

These senses include, intuition, memory, perception, will, reason and imagination.

It is these faculties that assist you in tapping into non-physical energy where manifestations come from. It is these facilities that we have been lead to believe are not as useful as our physical senses.

We have been taught wrong. When we tap into our non-physical senses, we become closer to Source, we align ourselves closer to our chosen destiny.

By dwelling in the physical and only using the physical facilities, we hold ourselves back from our true power and potential.

So if you are one to be focused entirely in the physical plane. Time to reverse the way you think and start benefiting from your non-physical facilities as well.

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