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I hear all the time of people who just can't seem to find where their next dollar is coming from.

They struggle with feelings such as lack and self-doubt. They are stressed out and overwhelmed by everything going on around them.

So how do you get from where you are, in this case feeling “lack of” and “doubt”, to where you want to be whether that be happy, content, rich, etc...?

The answer is simple...

You begin right where you are with what you have. The best part of the change is that it comes from within. It is your feelings which are giving off the energy they are which in this case is lack.

As many of you already know “Like attracts “Like” in this Universe and what we think of will bring on a feeling and that feeling is the vibration we emit to the Universe. The Universe then sends us back things of like nature to our thoughts and feelings.

When trying to gain riches you cannot have a poverty consciousness focused on lack. It is through this conscious state that you are attracting to you that which you are Being.

Your feelings are what you are Being.

Perhaps you are having thoughts such as; “There is not enough to go around”, “The rich get rich and the poor stay poor”, “Money is the root of all evil” etc...These are all false paradigms that are holding you back from money flowing to you.

When you find a negative thought coming on, which will naturally lead to a negative emotion, try flipping the thought.

The statements above then become: “There is plenty to go around and I am part of this abundance”, “Abundance and money is for everyone”, “The thought I place around money is the root of evil, not the money itself”

I am so very grateful and happy for __________________

because __________________

Thank you with my whole heart for __________________

because __________________

I am blessed to have ___________________

because ____________________

I am truly grateful for _______________________

because ____________________

I am so happy now that ______________________

because ____________________

Once you have finished your list. Go over and re-read it. As you do, repeat “thank you” in your head or out loud, your choice.

By doing so you re-align yourself with gratitude and attract more things into your life to be grateful for.

Do this once a day if possible.

To learn even more about manifestation and how to attract anything you want into your life, check out


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