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Do You Love Yourself?


I am going to focus this article around the topic of love.

Mainly on the topic of Self Love as that seems to be where many lack love.

How are you when it comes to self-love?

Do you love yourself? I mean truly love yourself?

Do you support yourself in your decisions?

Do you second guess yourself?

Your answers to the above questions will give you an indication of where your Self Love and acceptance lie.

Although February is known as the month of love, in my opinion everyday should be focused around love and how to grow in love not only with ourselves but others.

However this article is going to be focused on Self Love.

First and foremost observe your self-talk? What are your thoughts like when it comes to thinking of yourself and your abilities? Do you doubt? Do you feel confident?

If you notice your self-talk being negative and of lower energy, the first thing to do is work on focusing on your thoughts and deliberately changing the ones which do not serve you.

What you focus on is what you attract to you, so if you are having negative thoughts towards yourself replace them with something positive and loving.

Talk to your inner child, which is the most vulnerable part of you. Let it know that it is loved, that it is appreciated, and that it is safe.

By doing so you work on replacing the uncomfortable feelings that negative self-thoughts create. This aligns you with the energy of love and positive feelings.

If you want to continue with work on self-love and confidence, affirmations are a great way to uproot the old thoughts and beliefs which do not serve you best.

Once the old non-beneficial thoughts are uprooted, you can begin to work on planting the new thoughts which make you feel good and get you in a positive alignment that will heighten your self-love and acceptance.

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