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Going Beyond!

Reading Time: 1 Minute, 19 Seconds


Have you ever thought there must be more but don’t have clarity around the idea?

Time to go Beyond!

Suspend your mind for a moment. Leave your thoughts out of this experience. No worries you can pick them back up after, but for now clear your mind of activity. Take as long as you may need.

At this stage, some like to meditate, others burn incense, while others are able to drop the concepts of the mind easily and are able to be here now with this experience. Whatever works for you. Let go of all mind concepts.

Once you have a blank slate in mind and are ready to move forward, now the exploring begins.

There is an awareness that is perceiving reading this article right now, there is then the perceiver which you think to be you, maybe even your body. And there is the article which is perceived. The perceiving and the perceived, you are beyond those.

Focus on what is perceiving. The awareness of knowing what is being done. This is going beyond. Seeking beyond mind to the Higher Self which you are.

Who is reading the article? Is it you? And who are you?

At this time, you will most likely answer with your name. If you are your name, then you most likely accept the body as your truth. You are beyond the body.

As you contemplate on this subtle awareness beyond the mind which just IS, you go beyond. This “Beyond” is a very interesting journey.

To discover more about going beyond and how to make life work for you check out my FREE BOOK What It Takes to Make It where the reader is guided through the chaos of the mind to find the peace they deserve.


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