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Is Your Ego Getting The Best Of You?

The ego is a powerful tool which leads us astray many times. If we are not careful the ego has us falling into its trap of false beliefs and illusions which do not serve our best interest.

The ego does a good job of Edging God Out by keeping us in the dark about our true Divinity.

We are all an extension of God experiencing itself through each and everyone of us as itself. This means that God is flowing through you and working with you always.

Once you become aware of this wondrous truth you can then begin to align yourself with your Higher Self to bring about things you never even thought possible.

Slowly but surely we are all awakening to this Higher Truth about ourselves. We all have a very Powerful Greatness Within and this Power is available to us at all times as long as we are in the right alignment to receive.

Are You Ready To Receive Your Miracles and Blessings Which Are Waiting For Your Alignment?



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