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A Huge Thank You to everyone for all of the support and success that Conquer Stress has received so far along the journey. With the Grace of God may the book continue to inspire and empower people all over the world. Keep an eye out for the second book in the Mental Health Series coming out soon. The mind is a very powerful tool. It can also be your worst enemy if you let it take control of your life. Do you often find yourself trying to silence the millions of thoughts swirling around in your brain? Have you ever found yourself so overwhelmed and stressed that you feel ready to punch something?

You are not alone. Stress affects millions of people. It can creep in at any time and try to take over your mind with negativity and low vibrational feelings. If you experience challenges with stress, Conquer Stress: The Overthinker’s Guide to Peace and Happiness is the key to your problem. The book takes you on a journey from where you are to where you want to be in life. It offers inspiration and clarity to empower your mindset and change your life if you allow it to.



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