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How To Stop Sweating It!

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I used to be super hard on myself. I would get overly upset and beat myself up for the smallest things.

At the time I was perceiving my mistakes in a manner that was not beneficial to me.

This would leave me stressed out, upset, and frustrated with myself, etc.

Thanks to the way I was perceiving the situation, my day would be shot.

This was before I looked within and found truth of my Higher Self.

You are the only thinker in your mind, the only one that can make or break your life experience.

Ask yourself the following:

1.) Why am I so hard on myself?

2.) Are my expectations of myself benefiting me or are they hurting me in the long run?

3.) Are the circumstances in my control?

Once you start to put things into perspective by asking the right questions, clarity of the situation will begin to arise.

At least this was my experience. I also find it is the experience of most of my clients.

Three key points to keep in mind.

  • You are so much more than any problem that arises, and failure is only in the mind.

  • F.A.I.L = First Attempt In Learning. Meaning your seeming mistakes are in fact chances to grow and expand in your truth.

  • Making mistakes gives you the opportunity to be the grandest version, of the greatest vision you have ever held of yourself.

It is in time of seeming challenge that you have that opportunity.

You can choose to react the same as in the past to similar situations or you have the opportunity to choose to respond to the problem instead.

Reacting Vs. Responding.

When you react to a problem, you are usually following past patterns of behavior, and without thinking, acting in the same reactive manner you have been used to.

When you choose to respond, you have time to step back and think of how you would like to approach and respond to the issue.

This leaves you with the opportunity to grow and handle the situation differently than you are used to.

By responding and not beating yourself up, you can begin to self-nurture and get back to the inner peace you are seeking away from the turmoil your ego (edging God out) is trying to have you believe.

Where The Criticism Is Coming From

It is from the ego that you feel hard on yourself. The Divine part of you already knows you are perfect and all-knowing within.

It was not until I started tapping into my inner Divine Guidance system that I got past beating myself up over every little thing I was perceiving as a mistake.

Due to the fact, I was perceiving the experiences as mistakes in the first place is where I was not benefiting myself in my thought pattern.

I realized these mistakes were put in my path to allow me the opportunity of growth. Now I am at a point in my life where challenges are no longer challenges, and negativity is no longer a challenge in my life.

Through the power of the mind, I was able to grow and expand into my Higher Self and realize that I was being petty and too hard on myself hence attracting negativity to my life constantly.

Now, rather than beat myself up, I accept mistakes as if I have chosen them as a part of my life journey. This way I continually have the opportunity to grow and expand into my Higher Self.


Eventually, you will realize it is not worth it to beat yourself up. You will eventually tire yourself out by attracting this negative energy to yourself or get drained of your energy to even try anymore.

Either way, it is not worth it. You are here for great things and to shine bright for the world to be blessed by your light. Do not let the illusions of the ego bring you down by having you beat up yourself over the small stuff.

Even, eventually the big stuff too. The real you is above all of the mistakes, the negative, the seeming evil, etc.

All you have to do is step into your power, deliberately choose your thoughts and watch how your life begins to change and the feeling of empowerment that you will begin to feel.

No more beating yourself up. Only self-love and self-acceptance. You deserve it!

To reclaim your peace and happiness check out Conquer Stress: The Overthinker's Guide to Peace and Happiness.

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