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Overcome Overwhelm.

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Have you ever caught yourself saying things such as “I can’t handle this”, I’ll never get this done”, this is too much for me!” ?

If you have, these types of thoughts are not helpful and are unproductive to you.

When you think thoughts such as “I can’t….” “That’s impossible”, “this is too much for me”, you bring on unnecessary negative energy that comes with the thoughts.

That negative energy contains feelings such as anxiety, doubt, overwhelm, stress and much more.

The more you think in a negative manner, the more you will feel overwhelmed.

This also goes for if you are taking on too much at a time.

Whether it is too may thoughts in your head about what to do next, the how, the where etc. Or being negative when planting seeds in your mind garden, both will lead to overwhelm.

The key is to slow down, put things into perspective and to move forward in clarity and ease before making your next move.

When you find your mind begin spiraling out of control with either negative thoughts or too many thoughts stop, take a breath, and ask yourself….

1.) What Is The Actual Problem I Am Facing?

2.) What is triggering my feeling of being overwhelmed?

3.) How can I think about this situation differently, so it does not take away my power by having me feel overwhelmed?

4.) What could I learn from this challenge?

5.) How will overcoming this challenge empower me?

By slowing your mind down from all the rushed or negative thoughts, you allow yourself to gain new perspective on the situation which is making you feel overwhelmed.

By answering the four power questions above it helps guide you to gain the new perspective you seek.

Sometimes all it takes is for you to take a deep breath and ponder on the right questions.

Once calmed down and relaxed in the right mind state, it makes it easier for a solution mindset to form for a better more positive outlook on the situation originally causing the overwhelm.

For more tips, tools, and techniques to experience more peace in your life, check out Conquer Stress: The Overthinker's Guide to Peace and Happiness.

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