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The Secret To Starting To Know God.

Reading Time: 2 Minutes, 30 Seconds


You may be thinking "here we go… let me guess, look within right?!"

You guessed it. But not it the way you may be thinking.

Knowing God is all inner work. God works through you as you always.

The key is to recognize this and work as a co-creator with God to create the life of your choosing, free of stress, doubt, worry and all the negative feelings which leave you feeling stripped of your higher self and power.

When thinking of God, think in terms of energy.

This energy is known as consciousness.

Everything begins in consciousness.

Everything you see with your physical eye started in consciousness as someone’s idea manifesting into reality.

If you focus on your realm, you can feel God energy flowing through you.

Just as a wave Is part of the whole ocean yet branches out for a moment to break on shore, simply to merge back with the whole ocean, so too is it with Us and God. We are part of God or Source Energy if you will.

When you feel good and happy in your realm, you are close to Source energy.

When you are feeling stressed and doubtful or have any negative thoughts in general, you have simply drifted from Source energy.

The closer you are aligned with God/Source energy, the better you will feel. The further you drift from God/Source energy, the worse you will feel.

Through your feeling is how you can acknowledge your connection with God and all that is Good.

Once you start working with your feelings and aligning with God, you will start to notice your life seeming lighter and less challenging.

The challenges will become stepping stones for growth and expansion and will no longer negatively affect you the way you once let them affect you.

Life will begin to look up and not seem so dark. You will feel a sense of purpose and knowing.

Your truth will start to manifest into your power, and you will begin to rise to your true purpose and mission here in this physical.

When you acknowledge and keep your connection close with God, your life will never go back to how you once knew it.

The seeming negative will start to fade and you will be open to all the positive miracles and blessings that life has to offer you.

All it takes is the right awareness and some deliberate effort on your part when it comes to your thoughts and feelings.

Focus on choosing thoughts which will bring on positive good feelings which will benefit your alignment with God in the end.

God is within You, I, and every last one of us always.

All we have to do is tap into The God/Source energy which is waiting for us to find our way back home.

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