There Is No Wrong And Right

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In life we all make decisions that do not benefit us.

When we get a negative out come or one non-beneficial to ourselves usually it is labeled as wrong.

And if we get a positive outcome in our lives, we usually label it as right.

Wrong and Right has been an illusion made up in the mind. Something we have given labels to and then believed in those labels.

So if there is no wrong or right then what is there?

There are things that are beneficial and things that are non-beneficial to us and our ultimate goal.

Let’s say you are trying to drive a car but have not started it. You are not wrong, or the car is not wrong for not being started.

You are simply doing something non beneficial to your ultimate goal of driving.

What about when your thoughts get cloudy or negative.

You are not wrong in thinking the way you are, you are simply not “on track with your thoughts”.

You are thinking thoughts which are of no benefit to you.

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Same goes for a train that has derailed. The train is not wrong.

Just like your thoughts in the last example, the train is simply off track which is of no benefit to its ultimate goal of transporting passengers from point a to point b.

There will be things that align you with your truth and others that will pull you away form it.

You know which you are dealing with by the way you are feeling about a situation.

The better you feel, the closer you are aligned with your truth.

The worse you feel, the less aligned you are with your truth.

Either way you are not wrong or right, there is only what works and what does not work.

There is what is beneficial to you, your truth, and your ultimate goal, and what is non-beneficial to you, your truth, and your ultimate goal.

When you change your paradigm to perceive things in this way, you can let go of the negative self-criticism that comes with “wrong and right” conditioned thinking.

That little judgmental voice in your head calling out a bunch of right and wrongs won’t have as much power over your thought process and feelings when you think in a new way.

Once you take back your power and have the ability to think differently, you can begin to live life from the inside out, by following your internal guidance system, and gaining clarity through the confusion.

Gain Clarity through the confusion.

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Your power is within you and with awareness which will benefit you, you can reduce the frustration and the stress it brings on.

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