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Are You Making These Mistakes?

Reading Time: 2 Minutes, 15 Seconds


Below are three common mistakes made when working with the Law of Attraction.

1. Not Asking Properly:

When asking for your desire you have to be specific. Think of it as an order at a fast food restaurant. You would not just assume the cashier knows what you want.

You must give them your order. In some places, your order has specific details according to your likes and dislikes. For example, Subway sandwiches or a Burger King whopper.

In both places, you have the option to specify your sandwich the way you would like it.

Often when people ask for their desire it is done in a vague way. This does not give enough momentum for the desire to be manifested in your reality.

Just like with the Whopper with heavy pickles and extra ketchup that you ordered at Burger King; you want your order with the Universe to have the same detail.

2. Not Having Faith In Your Ability To Manifest Your Desire:

Without high faith backing your desire, you will find its momentum to be manifested will be hindered.

You can ask for something in as much detail as you like however if you do not believe that you can and will manifest the desire sought, you will not be emitting the energy (vibrationally or frequency-wise) which you need to emit that matches the desire and aligns you with it.

Matching the alignment and aligning with your desire. By having faith, you tell the universe that you are open to receiving your desire.

3. Not Aligning With Your Desire. Staying In “Wanting” / Poverty Consciousness:

Once you have asked and worked on having the utmost faith in your ability to manifest, you now come to the part where you have to detach from the outcome. This is where many people fall short.

To detach from the outcome is to align with the feeling as if you already have your desire. It is in this stage that many people stay in a poverty consciousness by asking for their desire as if it is absent in their lives.

You want to feel how it would feel to already have your desire. Gratitude is a great energy to work with at this stage.

When you give thanks and are appreciative of your desire as if you already have it, you speed up its momentum of manifesting in your physical reality.

In conclusion, if you are having a difficult time with your manifestation process chances are you could be making one of these vital mistakes.

With the right knowledge, you will be well on your way to smooth manifestation in no time.

The Power to manifest comes from within you.

The key is to be in the right alignment with your desire and to know how to keep its flow of momentum high so that you will be successful when manifesting.

Discover more mistakes that you could be making and why the law of attraction may not be working for you in my book Learning the Law of Attraction: Putting Your Power to Work.

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