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How To Get Through The Struggle

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Struggle comes from the mind. It is the illusion of the mind that makes a situation difficult or smooth depending on how you perceive it.

One person might be able to run a mile with ease while another person may run that same mile with difficulty.

The same goes for any experience in life. Not all people will experience it the same.

This is because each and every one of us creates our own experience through the way we view our reality.

Let’s take a pool for example. Most people are happy to see one on a very hot day, let alone swim in one.

While there are others who will look at that same pool, and not see a refreshing place to cool down. Instead, they may fear the water or simply not know how to swim.

The way you choose to perceive what is happening to you will determine your experience.

Now there are going to be some experiences or situations where struggle will seem very real and very high.

Your ego (edging God out) may tell you that you can’t do something or that you can have something you feel you really need in life to be content or happy. This could be any negative thought that disempowers you and makes you feel a struggle in your life.

You can reverse the feeling of struggle by knowing that the challenges, no matter how hard they may seem, are stepping stones that will get you to your goal.

They are part of your growth and ascension here in this physical experience.

Without those challenges, there is no room for growth. Without them, you are not presented with the opportunity to react (past) or respond (present moment) to the challenge at hand.

Reacting or responding is the freedom of choice you have.

You can choose to act the same as you did in the past, not think and just react, or you can choose to be present in the now and respond by thinking of what you could do which would be most beneficial to you in the moment.

This type of thinking empowers you and allows you to embrace the struggle.

By choosing to respond, you come from a solution mindset, whereas when you jump to react you are set in a problem mindset and the solution does not reside on the level of a problem mindset.

Your mindset will determine if you let what seems to be a struggle make or break you.

Keep in mind, that struggle is a chance to be a better version of what you once would be in the face of the same situation of struggle. This is how you allow struggle to help you grow.

The choice is yours. Will you allow the challenges and struggles of life to make you a better, wiser, and stronger person?

Or... Will you let those same struggles get the best of you and hold you back?

Life doesn’t have to be a struggle. Your perspective is key to living the happy, fulfilled life that you deserve.

Uncover more about overcoming life's struggles in my FREE BOOK What It Takes to Make It. The book is designed to help you through the chaos of your mind to experience the peace and clarity that you deserve.

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