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Are You Satisfied With Your Life?

Reading Time: 1 Minute, 51 Seconds


With all the external “noise” in the world, it is easy to lose sight of your goals, and with all the thoughts swirling around it is easy to get cluttered in your mind.

When you let too much stress build up in your life, it distracts you from attaining the true happiness you strive for.

When clutter in the mind occurs, it is easy to lose sight of your positive alignment in life.

When you lose sight of your positive alignment, you begin feeling negativity such as low self-worth, unhappiness with life, and unhappiness in general.

This scorecard will help you reflect on your life and observe where you are, compared to where you want to be.

If you were to give yourself a score out of 10 (1 = not satisfied at all, and 10 = love it to the max), how SATISFIED are you with your life overall?

If you were to give yourself a score out of 10, how much FUN are you having in life?

Out of a score of 10, how HAPPY are you in your current career?

If you give yourself a score out of 10, how OVERWHELMED, BUSY, or CLUTTERED do you currently feel?

What is your FAVORITE (the best) thing in your life at this moment?

What could be IMPROVED in your life at this moment?

Now reflect on the following questions and answer yes or no to each one.

I AM looking:

For More Meaning/Purpose In Life ________

For More Fulfillment /Happiness In Life_______

For More Ease, Simplicity, or Balance In Life ________

For More Freedom and/or Inner Peace In Life ________

To Achieve My Goals Faster More Easily ______

To Learn To Trust Myself More/Be My Authentic Self ______

I am Ready To Take Action and Make Changes In my Environment, Habits, and Life ______

If you are not satisfied with your score and/or answered yes to any of the above. If you said yes to the last statement and are ready to invest in yourself, take a step in the right direction towards the change you seek and...

Check out my FREE BOOK What It Takes To Make It where you will be guided through the chaos of your mind to experience the peace you deserve while finding out how to make life work for you.

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