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Following Your Heart To Happiness.

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The truth is that it is sometimes the hardest thing to do is to follow your heart. However, in those times you will know whether your decision is the best for you or not.

You may ask “Well how do I follow my heart in the first place?”

That’s a great question!

You can figure out if you are following your heart by your feelings. Your deep, long, rooted feelings.

What I am speaking of when I say deep, long, rooted feelings are the underlying feeling(s) you have deep in your gut when you make decisions.

An example of this is you may feel like staying home from work and that thought may feel good but look to the underlying feeling that comes with the thought.

Chances are your instincts are screaming out “No way am I not going to work today! How the heck am I going to pay my bills?”

Therefore, the underlying feeling is not happiness, but anxiety about where your next paycheck will come from if you don’t go to work.

This is the underlying feeling spoken about. That is your inner guidance system steering you in the right direction.

This inner guidance system will never steer you wrong. This is your Inner Truth.

When it comes to following your heart, you want to make sure you are not settling for temporary relief.

Example: you are craving chocolate like crazy therefore when you get your chance at some chocolate cake you eat half the cake. Of course, it was delicious, and you most likely felt really happy to fill your craving.

However, after devouring the cake, chances are, if you are like most, your mind drifts to thoughts such as “Why did I eat that?” “Now I’m going to put on 10 pounds!” “I’m so weak, why did I break and eat so much cake!?” These negative thoughts bring on feelings of worry and doubt, not happiness.

Now let’s look at ways to find actual happiness by following your heart and not the temporary happiness that the ego gives the illusion of.

What feels good to you as a person? Deep down what feels right for you? That is how follow your heart to your truth and happiness.

In this example, you have ten dollars left until your next paycheck, but you see a homeless person and it rips at your heartstrings!

You know you only have ten dollars, but also know that the homeless person needs the money more than you.

Although you feel very uncomfortable giving your last dollar away, you decide to give the homeless person five dollars to put toward his day.

Not only that but you took twenty minutes out of your day to sit with the person and get to know them and their struggle.

You offer a helping hand not only with the five dollars you shared with the person, but the time you took out from the kindness of your heart to acknowledge the person’s value even though they may not have as much as you do.

You may walk away temporarily feeling slight poverty. I mean you just gave away half of all of your profits until your next check.

However, the feeling of worth and acceptance you gave that person by simply taking the time to treat them like a human being costs more than any amount of money in this world can buy.

Now you notice a really happy feeling inside.

Although at first, the temporary feeling may have felt like you may have made a wrong choice by giving half your money away, your inner truth realizes that the impact you had on the homeless person was far more important than anything money can buy.

This realization is the root of true happiness.

Following your heart to what is true for you will align you with the fulfillment and happiness you seek.

Now it may not be sharing your earnings with a homeless person, it could be feeding a stray animal, or doing for someone less fortunate than you.

There are many things you can do to feel fulfilled, empowered, and in your truth while following your heart.

Following your heart to true happiness is key not temporary happiness that will fade and vanish with the deed itself such as with the work example or cake example above.

Happiness is not far away. In fact, it is in the small random things you will find true happiness dwells.

How will you choose to follow your heart to your true happiness?

For more tips, tools, and techniques to help you reclaim your happiness, check out my FREE BOOK What It Takes To Make It

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