Clarity With Goal Setting.

Reading Time: 1 Minute, 25 Seconds


I find in my experience as a spiritual life coach, one of the biggest challenges I assist people through is goal setting.

With all the rush and clutter in society now days, it makes it hard to really focus on anything, let alone be very focused on your goals and dreams.

Below are a set of questions designed to help you align with your goals and move forward towards your dream(s) with clarity.

Focusing On The Outcome:

1. What is the specific outcome you are looking for?

2. What is the pain for you not achieving your goal?

Aligning With Your Values:

1. Is the goal aligned with your life vision and/or overall life plan?

2. When you think about this goal does it give you a sense of empowerment, happiness or excitement?

3. If you could have the goal right now what would it take?