False Beliefs: Beneficial or Betrayal?

Are False Beliefs holding you back?

“I can’t”, “I don’t have enough…”, “It’s just my luck”, I’m not good “enough!”
All the above are examples of false beliefs that keep us held back and feeling stagnant.
You can if fact be, do or have anything you want. All you must do is to tap into the feeling of already having your desire.
However, before you do that you will have to discover and eliminate any false beliefs which hold you back.
When you have a false belief lingering in the background, you are putting out mixed signals to the universe. Therefore, it will give you back things to leave you feeling mixed up and confused.
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Once you discover the false belief you can flip it to a positive rather than the negative vibration the false belief gives you which holds you back from what you are trying to do, be, or have.
Let’s say you want to feel confident but you have a false belief that your nose is too big and you are self-conscious about it. So, you look in the mirror and tell yourself you are pretty however the ego, where false beliefs stem from, screams out “no you’re not, your nose is too big”. It is this interfering false belief that is holding you back from the confident feeling you want from the thought of being pretty.
In this case your false belief would be that your nose is too big.
Next you want to flip that thought. You can say something like “ I love my nose the way it is”. “I have a cute nose”. “My nose is unique.” These will bring a more positive vibration than the negative ones which judge your nose.
It is small affirmations as such that grow into habitual thoughts which eventually turn into our habits, feelings and eventually our being.
Affirmations are a great way to start on your way towards a new way of thinking which in turn will bring you a new way of feeling.

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