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Is Prayer Working For You?


This Is Why...

When praying we have been taught to do so coming from a consciousness of lack, as if we do not have something, therefore we ask God for it.

When it comes to the Universe it matches your vibration and frequency, therefore when you ask for something you are telling the universe that you do not have it. In doing this the Universe gives you back what you truly asked for which is how you are “feeling” at the time of the prayer.

Therefore when you are asking for something while feeling like you do not have it, you continue to attract to yourself the feeling of “lack”.

This has been the way prayer has worked for many people until now.

Try coming from a place of abundance as if you already have the thing you are asking for. How would it feel to already have what you are asking for?

Try to get as many of your senses involved as you can. What does it smell like? look like? And most importantly FEEL like?

It is this feeling that is key to having your prayers manifest. The more feeling you can put into the end result, the more momentum you give your prayer to manifest.

Keep in mind; that when you pray, to come from a place (feeling) of already having your desire. This aligns you with the present moment where all of your power is.

When you set your feelings to the feeling of already having your desire, you align with the frequency and vibration of your desire which accelerates its manifestation in this physical realm.



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