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Secrets To Beat Anxiety


Most of us face anxiety at one time or another. Many times, it takes over our lives and holds us back from achieving our goals, leaving us feeling overwhelmed and upset.

Anxiety is the cause of many irrational decisions as well as important choices that don’t get made


If you let anxiety seep in and stay, it can become a big problem, leaving you feeling frustrated and confused.

The good part is that anxiety is preventable. It is the accumulation of thoughts that do not benefit you.

These thoughts in turn make you feel unease and negative emotions. We are somewhat programmed to dwell on the negative. When we do this, we bring on anxiety by overthinking things such as what may not work out or that we are not good enough to succeed, etc.

Anxiety only exists in the mind and as fast as it comes on is as fast as you can get rid of it with the right awareness.

To face the anxiety and move past it, ask yourself what is wrong right now in the present moment.

The answer is always nothing. The only thing to be wrong is your way of thinking about your experience.

When you are giving too much attention to the future you begin to bring on anxiety about what could be, what may go wrong, how you may screw up and not succeed, etc. Overthinking becomes a norm and thoughts begin to match each other which are of worry and anxiety.

With the law of attraction like attracts like, therefore overthinking and worry attracts more worry. The more worry you feel the more anxiety will start to seep in.

When you ground yourself in the present moment, you have the chance to move past mind and rid yourself of feelings such as anxiety and worry. You ground yourself in your higher truth where anxiety cannot and does not exist.

For more tips and tools to beat your anxiety check out Conquer Stress: The Overthinker's Guide to Peace and Happiness.


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