Why Not Now?


Too many fall into the trap of the illusion of time thinking. Do not let your thoughts get ahead of you when thinking in the past or the future.

Both are just thoughts. Illusion if you will. They have already past, or for the case of the future, have not happened yet.

Your point of Power is right Here in the Now.

Turn your problems into potential now.

The Now is all that exists. You are creating your future every moment of the Now. If you are positive in the Now, you are guaranteed to have a positive future. The same goes for negativity.

Whatever energy you release in the Now is what will attract back to you when the future now arrives. Don’t give your power away to an illusion.

Why not do all that you think you can’t do right now? What is holding you back?

The answer to that is most likely your thoughts and limited beliefs.

Ask yourself what would you do if you could not fail?

Now live as if you have a deep faith in that belief. Make it a deep knowing if possible and watch how time becomes irrelevant to you.

You will find that by doing this and shedding your limited beliefs you will place yourself back in your point of power which is in the NOW.

How will you focus yourself in the Now?

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