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You Get What You Ask For

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You may be asking, but how? We receive what we ask for in life.

You may assert that it is untrue. You may feel that while you wished for happiness and freedom, all you experienced was negative and confined feelings.

Let's take a closer look at the processes of creation and the unconscious mind because they are identical.

Everything that is real was first imagined by someone. It all begins with a thought. A thought is an energy. Energy wants to manifest itself. There will undoubtedly be many thoughts in the same direction that come to pass.

This is the creation process.

The same process creates us all. Without even realizing it, we use this process of creation all the time. When we are unconscious, we use this power to create an undesirable existence, just like the majority of people. When we think negatively, we experience negatively. We will experience positive outcomes in our lives once we learn to think positively.

Why is that? The earth is like our subconscious mind. It doesn't affect the seeds we plant. Earth does not declare, " I've had enough of these tomatoes; it's always the same; I'll turn them into potatoes!" The planet Earth does not remark, "Bah, I don't like red flowers; I'll make the red into blue for these roses!" Earth doesn't get involved. Earth is kind, and silent, and provides us with exactly what we put into it. We are aware of that. We are confident that we will reap exactly what we sow. We don't anticipate yellow flowers in it to become violet when they bloom.

But in reality, that's how we respond. We plant cucumbers and anticipate roses. We sow sabotaging thoughts in our minds like cucumbers and expect roses to bloom as a result! We deceive ourselves. And we assign blame. When something goes wrong in our lives, we typically look for someone to blame. We then start to cry and complain about our lack of luck in life. We consider our neighbour to be fortunate because he has roses in his garden while we wonder what we did wrong with the world to only be rewarded with cucumbers.

If let's say, 80% of your ideas are negative, then the results you see manifesting in your life will also be 80% negative. Your subconscious mind receives your thoughts and acts on whatever you program it with. Like the earth, it is similar to a computer. Are you upset with your printer when the printed words "I am stupid, I am fat, I am ugly, nobody loves me" come out of your computer when you enter "I am stupid, I am fat, I am ugly, nobody loves me"? Do you threaten your computer with a shoe and scream at it that it is to blame for everything going wrong? No, as you are aware that you entered the information, and your computer did not interfere. The input and output are identical.

Thus, our subconscious mind operates. Change the input if you don't like the result. You receive exactly what you request, or what you think throughout the day. Don't let your life make you angry. You don't really have a problem with cucumbers, do you? You are not upset with your computer, are you? Learn how it functions and how to achieve success in life instead of being upset. Start focusing on the positive. Think only the things that you want to see come to pass. Just consider the things you desire to come true and be patient while you wait for them to flow to you.


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