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10 Methods To Combat Stress

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1. Break the stress cycle

Relieve your symptoms of stress by refocusing your mind. Stress is rooted in the mind. You can focus on things such as exercising, meditating, sleeping, etc. Rather than the negative thoughts that the mind is trying to have you believe, refocusing your attention and energy on something more uplifting to you will shift your alignment and you will begin to feel better. You can try observing your reactions to stressors and whether they are appropriate for the situation. Observation alone is a great way to manage stress.

2. Look for grace.

Keep an eye out for little miracles in your life. They are all around. Waking up to see another day, breathing a breath of fresh air, and life, in general, are just a few of the miracles in everyday life. 3. Find quiet.

God talks when we listen. When you reconnect with yourself, nature, and your Higher Power, the ways to manage your stress naturally appear. Our little human worries seem inconsequential. When it comes to your Higher Self and Inner Guidance, stress is something you can easily overcome and eventually eliminate all together with the right awareness.

4. Do that which makes you feel close to God.

Put yourself in an environment where you feel aligned with God. If you don't feel aligned at the moment, go to where you have aligned with sacredness in the past. You can try going into nature to sit and relax and be at peace. Whatever makes you feel close to God, Do That!

5. Remember what you love.

Love is one of the highest vibrations and frequencies to exist. When you focus on what you love, more of what you love attracts into your life. If you focus on what is stressing you, you will be given more things to stress about. Seek the feeling you get when you think about something or someone you love. This will help you to reach the Divine. 6. Find a trusted person or persons to support your desire to reconnect.

It is important to feel supported in your journey to combatting stress. Who is someone you could turn to which will be supportive along your journey? This person could be anyone who inspires you and makes you feel empowered and confident. Discuss ways to manage your stress. You’d be surprised at what you can learn from a good brainstorming session. 7. Remember when you used to be connected and make it a practice to remember that every day.

When stress approaches, recall that peaceful time and imagine actually being there. Remember how protected you felt then. Keep that feeling alive as long as you can. When you do you build momentum for more things to be brought into your realm to feel protected by.

8. Mindfulness

Practice being fully present and mindful. Give yourself the assignment of being mindful for 1 day, 1 hour, or 1 minute. Really be present. Observe yourself and the events around you and fully participate with your heart. Observe the awareness beyond your mind. Observe the observer. 9. Choose to change your patterns

Make a choice to rediscover yourself. However, do not force it or stress about it. It is not advisable to manage stress by creating more stress. Slowly look into what you are being, doing, or having that is no longer serving you at this stage in your life. When you discover what could be adding to the stress, start by removing the thing, or changing the way you are thinking about it. That is a start to being able to change your patterns.

10. Be grateful

Gratitude is another very powerful frequency. When you are grateful for all that you have, you are given more to be grateful for. Remember to be thankful every day for everything that you have in your life.

Check out Conquer Stress: The Overthinker's Guide to Peace and Happiness for even more tips, tools, and techniques on how to overcome your stress and experience the peace and happiness you deserve.



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