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Understanding the Contrast of Life.

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The contrast of life needs to exist, or we would not be able to express or experience anything in relation to anything else.

You cannot know the concept of hot if you do not understand the concept of cold.

You cannot know the upwards direction if you did not know what the downwards direction is.

Imagine trying to explain the color red to an individual that is blind.

How would you explain the color to them when they are not able to understand the comparison between another color?

You may tell them that it is a blend of red and yellow. However, how is that to be understood when they do not know the color red or yellow?

This is the concept of the contrast of life. Without one, you would not know or be able to experience the other.

It is important to understand this contrast. When you do, you will be able to perceive life from a new filter.

For example, you may hear people questioning why there is so much negativity in the world.

However, this has to be due to the fact that without what appears to be negative you cannot experience what you know as positive.

This is why it is known that God works through us all. Since God is omnipotent, omnipresent, and all that is, God is not able to experience Himself, therefore working through us as individuations of Him.

When God works through us as human beings having a spiritual experience, He is able to experience Himself as us, through us.

This is the same concept of having to have something other than that which you are trying to express or explain.

Left cannot be understood or expressed without right.

Large cannot be expressed without the concept of small.

Therefore, life does not have to be the struggle we perceive it to be.

With understanding the contrast of life, it makes it simpler to understand why certain things are and allows you to not be affected as negatively as you would by them without the proper knowledge of the contrast of life.

Next time something you perceive to be negative enters your life, remember that you have the power to understand that it is part of the contrast of life.

Without the contrast, you could not experience or understand the fullness of life or the blessings it has to offer.

The next time you are sad, you can fully understand the experience of happiness for without the experience of being sad how would you know when or how you feel happy?

When you are thinking in this manner you begin to analyze life differently leaving you with an empowering thought process instead of one that tears you down emotionally.

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