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Overcoming Negative Triggers.

Reading Time: 2 Minutes


Other than highly ascended individuals, there are things in this world that you will be triggered negatively by. It is these things, people, and circumstances that you let impact you in a negative way that drains you of your vital life energy.

Some of these triggers will be triggering you intentionally, such as a friend getting under your skin while joking around with you.

Then there are other triggers that will happen unintentionally. An example would be someone not seeing you in their blind spot and cutting you off in traffic.

Either way, both situations are causing you to be triggered in a negative way.

You may begin to start feeling annoyed, overwhelmed, or even angry.

These are all common emotions felt once triggered in a negative way.

The good news is that even though you face things that could be potential threats to your happiness and positive alignment, you don’t have to give in to the ego (edging God out) when choosing how to perceive the situation.

You can perceive the situation as something positive even though it is making you want to pull your hair out.

Instead of pulling your hair out which is your 1st impulse to react, try responding by thinking before you act.

Process what is really happening and what you are triggered by.

Most of the time you are not triggered by the actual event, person, etc., but by the way you perceive the event or person and how they are impacting you.

Believe it or not, it is not the fault of the external factor whether it be a person or situation, that triggered you.

You have complete control over how you choose to react or respond to a situation, therefore you hold the power to allow someone to trigger you or not.

The moment you let something external trigger you, you give away your power to the thing or person that triggered you.

You keep your Power by not reacting the way you would have in the past, but rather by thinking and choosing to respond in accordance to staying in your Power and not relinquishing it to an external factor.

Once you are aware of, and can deliberately align with your inner power, you will eliminate negative triggers from your life.

You will now be able to perceive and act from your Higher Self.

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