Stress Reduction Through The Imagination

Reading Time: 4 Minutes, 51 Seconds

Are you aware that you can use your imagination to assist you in reducing stress levels in your life?

The imagination is a very powerful tool right within you to help you reduce stress. Where attention goes energy flows. Thoughts and feelings are energy.

The energy you align with is what you will manifest in your life. You give momentum to the thoughts you habitually think.

Your mind is a screen that you can imprint anything you want onto. What you put something in your mind’s eye and think about it enough, eventually it will appear in your physical experience.

It may begin with a picture in your mind’s eye of a seashore at dusk. You picture the waves rolling over the shoreline…the sand in the foreground…the sun gently setting in the west.

You might imagine sea gulls gently flying past and children playing along the shore. This is the image you might take with you as you began your labor for childbirth. It might have been one of a number of relaxation techniques you learned in your childbirth preparation classes.

Or perhaps you envisioned white blood cells swallowing up the cancer cells in your system. You imagined the cancer cells slowly disappearing from view, with healthy cells taking their place in your body. You even imagined your doctor saying, “You’re cancer-free” with a big grin on his face.

You then feel the feeling of being of perfect health. The feeling aligns you with your perfect health.

Guided imagery is used in a variety of different settings. Its primary purpose is to allow you to imagine relaxing images in order to calm your mind and refresh your body (to re-align your energy).

If you envision a peaceful scene, and add controlled breathing to that vision, you can achieve deep relaxation. Nearly anyone can learn to exercise his or her imagination this way.