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5 Tricks Of The Mind That Lead To Stress.

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Every day we are confronted with stressful situations. Whether it’s a tight deadline at work or a disagreement with a family member, our minds are constantly working to help us cope. Unfortunately, this can lead to some unhealthy mental habits that can increase stress and make life more difficult. Here are five tricks of the mind that can lead to stress and how to break the cycle.


1. Catastrophizing: This mental habit is when we assume the worst possible outcome of a situation. We convince ourselves that the situation will be a disaster and that we have no control over it. To break the cycle of catastrophizing, try to focus on the facts of the situation and what you can do to improve it.


2. Jumping to Conclusions: This is when we assume that people are thinking or feeling a certain way without considering the evidence. We often jump to conclusions without gathering all the facts and then create a stressful situation out of nothing. To avoid this, take the time to look at the facts and approach the situation objectively.


3. Overgeneralizing: This is when we take one negative experience and assume that all similar experiences will be just as bad. We tell ourselves that we are doomed to fail and that nothing we do can change the outcome. To break this habit, focus on the positive aspects of the situation and how you can use them to succeed.


4. Personalizing: This is when we take things personally that have nothing to do with us. We assume that events are a reflection of our own abilities and worth. To break this habit, try to look at the situation objectively and recognize that not everything is a personal attack.


5. Ruminating: This is when we focus on negative thoughts or experiences. We spend too much time thinking about what has happened or could happen and how it could have been avoided. To break this cycle, focus on positive thinking and activities that distract you from the ruminating.


By recognizing these five tricks of the mind, you can begin to break the cycle of stress and put yourself in a better mental state. With a few simple steps, you can learn to recognize and avoid these unhealthy mental habits and create a more peaceful life.

For tips, tools, and techniques to help you  conquer your stress check out Conquer Stress: The Overthinker’s Guide to Peace and Happiness   


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