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Activate Universal Energy to Work for You

Reading Time: 2 mins 25 secs

Are you benefitting from universal energy in your life?

You cannot produce energy on your own, but you can align with the universal energy, which has always existed and always will exist.

You were born from this Energy. It is constantly available for everyone at all times. There are no such things as extremely energetic folks and those who lack energy.

The distinction is that energetic individuals are skilled at utilizing this always-accessible energy.

Furthermore, low-energy individuals suppress this energy, despite the fact that it is constantly available to them as well!

Energy does not decide something like:” Hey I like this one so I will send her energy, and the other one over there I don’t like so he won’t get any of my energy”. This is nonsense!

The same counts for diseases. A disease does not “choose” a body to attack. How would it do it? Can you imagine a tumor saying: “I don’t like the way he looks, so I will attack his kidney?” or “I can’t stand the way she walks so I will attack her liver?”

There is nothing like it. It wouldn't make sense. We have a lot more to say about our bodies and our lives than we currently comprehend or would like to admit to ourselves. Since acknowledging this requires responsibility. We must change our behaviour and begin to act like a healthy person who attempts to understand why they became ill and attempts to see how they can change their way of thinking and manage to remain healthy.

Energy works much the same way. Energy is a constant. It never disappears and it never slows down because if it did, the entire galaxy would disintegrate. We have access to the same energy that keeps the stars in their proper positions in the sky, causes grass to grow, and turns the world on its axis. Can you imagine? It's fantastic and available to us!

By thinking the right type of thoughts—those that uplift you rather than deflate you, that promote health rather than illness, that make you feel loved rather than make you fear loneliness, that promote wealth rather than poverty—you can activate this energy for yourself.

Is simply imagining all of this wonderful stuff enough to make it come true? No! Otherwise, it would be so simple to sit back and think about whatever you wanted, and presto, it would be there! Fortunately, things don't operate that way! It would be risky! To make our thoughts produce the results we desire, we also need to take action. Dreaming about what we want and acting on those dreams, aligning our energy, will help us achieve our goals.

The universe moves closer to us with each step we take. This vast universal force is made to work for us by our ideas and deeds. We make it move in the direction of realizing our dreams.

The process is thus rather straightforward: first, you dream, then you take action in the direction of your dream. This will give you the energy to help you move forward. You can move on to the next phase with the energy you gain from this one. And so forth.

How do you decide what to do next? Follow your instincts and your gut feelings. It's the best reference you can find.

Give up worrying. Instead, dream, consider what you want, and start flowing in that direction by aligning with it. Then observe what's going on. Let the mystery unfold naturally.

Check out Learning the Law of Attraction to make universal energy work for you so you can live the abundant life you deserve.


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