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How To Make Affirmations Work For You!


Positive affirmations work to counteract negative self-talk and subconscious beliefs.

When working with affirmations it is best to say them as much as you can. If you can feel the feeling of already having your wish fulfilled then even better. Use your imagination (God Connection) to create whatever reality you choose through thought and feeling.

Think of your mind as a blank movie screen or canvas, and you have the ability to project or paint whatever you want on it to start to create a new tomorrow for you. Not literally, yet every thought and feeling you have today starts to mend your way for the future that you are creating with the thoughts and feelings in the now.

Due to working on your belief system when using affirmations, I suggest that you use the words "I believe …." First then your affirmation for example... "I believe in the abundance which flows to me always".

You can work on changing your thoughts and feelings by observing your thoughts and what feelings they bring you... The ones to make you feel bad are the ones to work on...

For example - you may not like the way you look... So you may have thoughts like, “I am too fat”, “I am not as good as the rest”, “I am not the way I want to look” etc.

Flip those negative thoughts to positive ones that will benefit you...

Example: “I am losing more and more weight as I move about throughout the day”, Flip it to something like; “I am great and cannot compare to anyone else out there”, or “I am unique and beautiful inside and out!”.

By changing your thoughts (through daily affirmations and feelings) you start to change your habitual thoughts, which change your habits, which then mold and rearrange the reality you do not want to the one you do want.

This happens because you assume the thought and feeling in the present which gives your desire no choice but to attract to you.

In conclusion, you change your habit thoughts by replacing them with other thoughts (affirmations) which you think about enough to make the new affirmations habit thoughts. These habit thoughts will start to make up a new way of life for you.

The best part is that this work can be done anytime, anywhere, and is done within. Now that you are aware of the effective use of affirmations, what affirmations will you use to transform your future and manifest your destiny?

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